Bernau Capital Partners Launches New Website

Bernau Capital unveiled its new website designed to best display everything that makes us who we are. Our goal was not only to elevate our businesses and leaders but also to unite the visual identities of our many amazing companies. 

It has been a busy few months, and we are excited to share our website as well as the new logos for Morningstar Forest Reserve, First Iowa Title Company, and Country Bancorporation.

The acquisition of Morningstar Forest Reserve, which we announced earlier this month gave us an exciting opportunity to explore our new design philosophy that allows greater flexibility to represent the project in a variety of contexts by using modular design techniques:

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First Iowa Title Corporation — perhaps better known by one of its three subsidiaries, Boone County, Marshall County, and Webster County Abstract Companies — also received a modern facelift. These logo variations reflect the value each First Iowa Title company provides its local community while also uniting all three in their overall mission. 


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Prior to this summer, our bank holding company, Country Bancorporation, had no logo. The new Country Bancorporation logo captures the classic spirit and history of all of Country Bancorporation’s individual banks, which serve smaller rural communities throughout Iowa.

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We are proud of our website which represents the hard work and strong commitment of our Bernau Capital team. David Phillips, our General Counsel, spoke about the role that the leadership team had in creating this website: 

The best part about creating the new BCP website was also the hardest part. Our philosophy and approach to people and business had not been captured, so interviews with leadership resulted in our values statement as well as the bottoms-up feel of the website. The concept of the BCP Family of Companies was foundational for bringing it all together.

As a company that values measured and intelligent growth, we must be flexible with our website and leave lots of room to expand. To that end, we went live before everything was completely done – for instance, we are still building the History page! Another member of our leadership team who spent lots of time and hard work on this project, Executive Assistant to President and CEO Tom Bernau, Melinda Grask, remarks on growth:

We were so busy running and growing businesses that by the time we went from the first to the last draft of the website we had added so many businesses and people that we had to go back and refresh nearly every element to bring this project home.

We undertook every single one of these projects because of the importance of unity and family at Bernau Capital. We wanted to make sure that everything we put out into the world represents our brand identity. We wanted to refurbish some of our assets to ensure everything was modern, clean, strong, and unified (oh, and we left some room to grow).