Bernau Capital Partners is a family of affiliated companies owned by Thomas R. Bernau. BCP is not a separate company - it is the name that pulls us all together. Each BCP Family company contributes its own unique story to our family and our identity.

Who We Are

Each BCP Company is led by a proven leader who takes a thoughtful and people smart approach to running a successful business. Tom Bernau heads our leadership team and our 1000+ employees in our journey to operate effectively with family always at the top of mind.

Our Companies

Bernau Capital Partners businesses span real estate, manufacturing, banking, finance, sports marketing, retail, and more.

Arona Home Essentials

Arona Home Essentials has been active in the rent-to-own industry for more than 2 decades and we have more than 50 store locations nationwide.

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Our success is based on simple principles


We promote the values of a family-owned company:

Growth Mindset

Our growth is based on organic business growth and acquisitions.

Operational Excellence

We put everything into our businesses until they are world class operations.


Our family of leadership has more than a century of combined experience.