What We Value

We work hard to create an inviting and satisfying workplace.

We create businesses and provide career opportunities that we feel truly make a difference in our world.

We stand for many things other than just the pursuit of profits. We work hard to create an inviting and satisfying workplace; making it possible for our teammates to earn a true sense of balance and accomplishment.

Unlike other companies that establish values to drill into their subsidiaries, Bernau Capital Partners is a reflection of the values and the people that operate each of our companies. One of the things that makes us different is that our values and mission come from a bottom up approach and define who we are.

  • planting seeds

    Being People-Centric

    We promote the values of a family-owned company:

    We base internal and external relationships on mutual trust, respect and open communication.

    We have a clear leadership philosophy and develop the key competences of our team members.

    Responsibility and accountability are binding duties for every employee.

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    Growth Mindset

    Our growth is based on organic business growth and acquisitions.

    Continued economic success with a long-term perspective ensures financial health and is the basis for sustainable growth and innovation.

    Tomorrow’s challenges require new solutions.

    We see change always as a chance, not a threat.

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    Operational Excellence

    We put everything into our businesses until they are world class operations.

    Then we replicate.

    We invest in our leaders with training.

    We attract and retain talent with great benefits, flexibility, and mobility within the organization.

    We know we can do it better.

Words To Live By

You hear the following words a lot at BCP.

  • Be thoughtful
  • Family comes first
  • Run towards opportunities
  • We can do that
  • Communicate
  • Focus on the 80% of the things that people do right

“We don’t have a set policy for giving people time off for family medical needs. One of our employees took time off to donate bone marrow and stem cells to a person in need. We don’t encourage people to do things like this, but our culture and environment attract people who quietly serve others. It’s who they are and who we are.” – Amy Linn, HR Director