Amy Gregurek

Amy Gregurek

Globe Acceptance


BBA in Accounting from Southern Methodist University

Professional Background and Achievements

Over 20 years of accounting experience across multiple industries.

When did I start working for BCP and what positions have I held?

I have been at BCP since 2009 and have worked on most of the companies at some point during those years. When I started here we were very small, so I worked on anything and everything that needed to be done at the time. I really enjoyed that because I was able to learn so much about so many different companies. With the explosion of growth that we have had over the last 10 or so years, our accounting staff has grown tremendously. So instead of working on multiple companies, my focus is now on our financial services companies, Globe Acceptance and Globe Tax Assets.

What was the last job I had before coming to work for BCP?

Before coming to BCP in 2009, I was at home with my girls for 9 years. I am so thankful to have had that time with them and thankful to BCP for allowing me the flexibility to re-enter the workplace gradually. Before staying home with my girls, I worked for an Engineering and Environmental services company in Austin, TX where I did project-focused accounting for classified government contracts.

What is my specific role at BCP beyond my job title?

I currently have two roles at BCP. I am the Controller for Globe Acceptance and handle all of the accounting functions for that company. I am also the Controller for Globe Tax, but in addition to handling the accounting, I also handle all of the operations.  I enjoy the variety of experiences that operations brings.


I have been married to Brent for 27 years and we have 3 girls – Maddie, Makenna, and Hannah. We live in Johnston along with our 3 dogs and 2 cats.


My favorite thing to do is travel and my goal is to see as much of the world as possible! When I’m not traveling, I can usually be found enjoying my girls’ many activities, working out, DIY decorating and gardening projects, trying new restaurants, shopping, biking on the trails, walking our dogs, reading pretty much anything, spending time with friends and family, and listening to my favorite 90’s rap and hip-hop.

Fun Fact

In Ireland, I climbed to the top of the 90-foot tower at Blarney Castle, leaned over the edge backwards, and kissed the Blarney Stone. My reward for this adventure was supposed to be the “gift of eloquence”. Unfortunately, I’m still waiting for that to happen….