Acquisition of Morningstar

In the Spring of 2022, Bernau Capital completed the extremely exciting purchase of the Morningstar Forest Reserve, outlining our support for the natural environment through land acquisition, restoration, and maintenance. Morningstar reflects our ongoing and proven commitment to investing in Iowa and our Des Moines community.

Typically deemed the responsibility of government; the protection of our landscapes, wildlife, and biodiversity through nature-based investments has increasingly been taken on by the private sector. Bernau Capital is proud to be at the forefront of this national trend.

Located off I-80 just north of Des Moines and nestled between the Des Moines River and a horse stable we fondly refer to as “the Pony Farm,” Morningstar is a 12-acre home to six types of oak (pin, red, white, bur, and chestnut), great ash, black cherry, bald cypress, pecan, American chestnut, hickory, and butternut trees. Planted in 1997, the trees are arranged in rows to promote healthy grass growth and even sunlight distribution.

This gorgeous piece of land is close to our home office and has become a favorite place for CEO Tom Bernau to unwind and spend time outside. He spends many mornings before coming into the office at our new Forest Reserve beneath its amazing trees clearing brush and helping to restore the land. This acquisition is aimed to further an effort at Bernau Capital to be conscious and meaningful in everything that we do and partake in, including enjoying and maintaining our beautiful state.