IMT Des Moines Marathon Voted Best Local Running Event

Endurance Sports Marketing Corporation is proud to operate the best local running event, The IMT Des Moines Marathon, as presented by Cityview Magazine. Without that community of volunteers, runners, sponsors, and fans we could not have accomplished this wonderful task. We strive, just as we encourage our community, to better ourselves every year.

Best Local Running Event – IMT Des Moines Marathon

“This is the easiest 26.2 miles you’ll ever run at once,” said no human in the history of time. Still, more than 7,500 athletes registered for IMT Des Moines Marathon races last year — 1,275 completed the marathon, 3,697 completed the half marathon, and the rest did the 5K or one of the other events. Get moving, Des Moines! Push yourself. The 2019 races are scheduled for Oct. 19-20.

Runners-up: Dam to Dam, Drake Relays

excerpt taken from Best of Des Moines List.

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